FUNDICIÓN GALERA is a modern firm with a history, ready to cater for its customers’ most demanding needs and requirements.
Over 50 years of experience in injection moulding of non-ferrous metals have made Fundición Galera the ideal manufacturer of brass and lead parts for different industries.

Our specialisation in injection moulding of brass and lead pieces, together with our technology, quality policy and human resources and environmental management, enable us to provide finished pieces and components for sectors like the automotive industry, hardware, light fittings, power, sanitary ware, sun protection and so on, supplying leading names on the national and international markets such as EXIDE Automotive, Schönebeck Autoteile GmbH, GEBO Armaturen GmbH, Hella, Bosch, Mecatraction and ARME, among others.

Its premises house administration, production and logistics, as well as a quality department.


FUNDICIÓN GALERA has long and established exporting tradition.

A large part of our production is distributed to several countries in Europe, Central America and North Africa.