• Battery terminals
  • Pipework clamps
  • Light fittings
  • Fuse parts
  • Others


  • Battery caps
  • Adapters



Fundición Galera uses CB-753-S UNE standard brass as a raw material, analysing each delivery with a spectrometer, as this is the most suitable material for injection moulding, and due to its electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion and rust. We also use CB-755-s UNE standard brass, which is suitable for use in pieces in contact with water for human consumption.




Fundición Galera has an exhaustive quality policy in place, combining experience , implementation of current standards and procedures, technical equipment and personnel to cater for the demanding German, French, Spanish and international markets.

Fundición Galera is currently in the process of implementing the ISO 9001 standard and has successfully completed internal quality audits to supply firms including EXIDE Automotiv, Schönebeck Autoteile and GEBO Armaturen.