Fundición Galera exploits synergies with top mould makers to produce pieces of the highest quality with minute tolerances thanks to its production organisation. Moreover, our firm’s manufacturing know-how enables us to triple the useful life of a mould in comparison with the classic injection/shot-blasting process, representing a considerable cost saving for the customer.

We are equipped to manufacture pieces from 2 grams up to 2 kilos.

We can manufacture from the customer’s plans, executing the whole project up to delivery of the pieces, or else with the customer supplying the mould. We also have experience of working with outsourced manufacturing.


  • 2 Electro Industrial Llobregat 2-tonne induction furnaces
  • 2 ADER 80-tonne cold chamber injection moulding machines
  • 1 Buhler 80-tonne cold chamber injection moulding machine
  • IDRA 125-tonne hot chamber injection moulding machine
  • 3 MIOS 20-tonne presses
  • 3 DIF drills
  • 1 IBARNIA drill
  • 1 Roscamatic
  • 1 CONIEX automatic vibration station
  • 1 CONIEX centrifugal dryer